Billie Jean really wasn’t Jackson’s lover.


It would be hard to find someone today who didn’t know the song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson by the first bass line. It would be even more impossible to find someone who didn’t know the song by it’s chorus.


It is fascinating to hear all the different stories behind the song. Some claim the song is titled after a former girlfriend of Jackson.

Yet others say that the song was inspired by the groupies that constantly hung around Michael and his famous siblings (all part of the Jackson 5). Jackson himself stated that Billie Jean represented many women that he interacted with throughout his career.

But there is another theory, first promoted by J. Randy Taraborrelli, that states the song is based off a personal experience Jackson had in the early 1980s with a delusional fan.

During this time Jackson constantly received letters from women claiming he was the father of their child. This woman had a stranger claim, however, saying that Jackson was the father of one of her twins. Just ponder that for a minute.

Because he received letters of this nature constantly, the King of Pop simply ignored her. However, she kept writing. She claimed they could be happy together and it wasn’t right for Jackson to deny his own flesh and blood. The letters disturbed Jackson so much he began experiencing horrific nightmares.

Things only got worse when Jackson received a package from the woman containing a letter and a gun. She told Jackson to kill himself on the date and time stated in the later. She said that she would then kill the child and herself. If they could not be together in this life, she said, they would be in the next life.

The family investigated to find that the young woman had been sent to a psychiatric hospital. Jackson, staying true to his wacky self, had the woman’s photograph framed and hung in the family’s dining room.

Click here to see the music video for “Billie Jean.”

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